Monday, June 15, 2009

Edinburgh and Glasgow!

Edinburgh is the next Scottish city on our list to visit. The buildings there were amazing. We walked up the Royal Mile, which is a cobble stone road that leads to the Castle in the city. We also did an underground tour that took you to the old buildings that were around 200 years ago. Very interesting place!
We also wandered around Glasgow again for a few days again. The next photo was taken in George Square, and I have to say, the Scots really know how to upkeep their statues. 
This statue was placed in front of my dad's old work, which is actually now a MOMA. Wasn't sure where the cone came from, but I later found it in a book about Banksy (a British street artist).... 
...The weather has been real nice since we got here, but then it finally rained! Some good ole Scottish weather! Picture of the gutter at our flat. 
... and then there is this picture. We do not know the significance of Henderson Jewelers, but in two days we saw 4 groups of people take pictures in front of it, so we thought we'd take a photo just to fit in with the rest of the tourist...

Anyways thats it for now, I gotta crap load of photos to upload, but that won't happen till I get back to the states, so I hope whoever reads my blog enjoys what I've put up!! Cheers! 

Thursday, June 11, 2009


SCOTLAND! wooo been in Glasgow for the past few days. The area where we staying is a tad bit rougher than London, the first night I had a drunken scotsman tell me how he could beat up the fuzz and only get a hefty fine. haha but everyone has been super nice here. Been to a pub already, and it was great. The bartender pulled out a guitar and my brother started playing Johnny Cash. Then someone else played a song and before you know it everyone was singing haha...
We also went to a Castle in a place I can't spell, but it had like 500 and something steps to the top, reminded me of the xlot staircase in san diego state! 
The same day we also walked around my grandmothers old town. This is the highschool that my father went to when he was younger....

Anyways thats about it for now, going to the highlands in a few days, will update again later! Cheers! 

Monday, June 8, 2009

Abby Road/ The Beatles

Today we went to Abby Road to see where the Beatles took the picture below, and look at the studio where they recorded the album Abby road.... good times

Below are my brothers crossing the same street the Beatles did years ago...

Next is the studio where the album was recorded...

Although I enjoy the Beatles, I'm not as big of a fan as my twin Terri! So Terri...your name is now in London, Right outside the Studio on Abby Road!!! woo!!

Back to Photoblogging/ London!

All right, I finally am able to upload pictures to my brothers computer and edit them. It took forever, but I can finally post pictures. I only had time to edit one photo, so here is Big Ben. Photo taken from atop a moving double decker bus...


Saturday, June 6, 2009


In London! woo! It has been super busy since I landed on Thursday Morning. Thursday was a tiring day...after being up for over 24 hrs, we took the double decker tourbus around london to see all the tourist stuff, and hung out with my uncle who I haven't met since i was Two. Architecture is awesome over here, but I feel that London is pretty americanized. I've been seeing McDonalds and starbucks everywhere, and many stores that are present in the U.S. ah well though. Oh I met up with Emily Ann because she's been studying abroad here for the past 6 months. We went shopping and had Indian food and saw Chicago. Weird hearing them talk with American accents haha. Oh yeah what was also weird about Chicago was that Jerry Springer was in it...That guy cannot sing or dance haha. Anyways thats just a brief update, I'll post pictures later, they are more intersting than my rambling, Cheers!

Monday, June 1, 2009


My brother works at a Thrift Store, and he finds the most awesome things. This is the most recent camera he gave me... A Polaroid that doesn't work, but it looks awesome!